Terms of Sale

The Southern Designer wants each customer to be completely satisfied when purchasing a house plan, garage plan or multifamily plan offered on our site. It is important that you be aware of some of facts..

Local Codes: Building codes vary in every region therefore the plan you select may require minor modifications to comply with your local codes. Many areas require that an engineer or architect review and seal construction blueprints prior to construction. You will need to contact your builder or local permit office about this.

Licensing: All plans offered on The Southern Designer.com are protected under the Federal Copyright Act, Title, XVII of the U.S. code and Chapter 37 of the Code of Federal Regulations. The purchase of a blueprint package grants the purchaser a license to use the blueprints to construct a single unit. If the purchaser attempts to use the blueprints to construct more than one dwelling then the purchaser is in violation of the above codes and subject to penalty. None of the house plan offered on southerndesigner.com can be reproduced or copied by any means.

Returns: The Southern Designer, LLC maintains a no return/no exchange policy. Be sure to check your exterior dimensions and square footages before ordering.