What's Included

What is included in a SouthernDesigner.com plan package?

The Southern Designer, LLC offers only leading residential designer's home, garage, cottage, and multi-family plans so you are guaranteed to receive quality blueprints that are professionally designed and detailed. The designer's featured on our site create each house plan to meet nationally recognized building codes. Since we offer designs from a variety of designers, each plan set will vary depending on the size of the home and the designer's individual style. Because of regional variations, heating, plumbing and electrical details are not included. These details can be obtained from your building contractor.

Each blueprint package may include: (This may vary as our plans are offered by over 90 designers)

  • Foundation Plan- includes your choice of concrete slab, crawl space or basement (when available).
  • Detailed Floor Plans- includes the placement of interior walls, room dimensions, doors, windows, fireplace and stairway location (if applicable), and electrical outlet locations.
  • Exterior Elevations- includes the front, rear and sides of the house with detailed measurements and exterior material requirements.
  • Cabinet Details- includes details of all cabinets, fireplaces, built-in units and other interior features.
  • Cross Sections- includes cross section details of the home, flooring, insulation and roofing construction.
  • Roof Plans- includes rafter, dormer, gable and other feature layouts.
  • Specifications- includes recommendations for materials and equipment such as structural specifications, masonry work, concrete work, wood specifications, excavating and grading, drywall, flooring, caulking, glazing and sealants.

The Southern Designer stock plan designer members offer a wide variety of additional materials for their plans. If additional materials are offered they will be noted on the particular plan page. These materials vary according to each designer but may include:

  • Material List- This is a detailed listing of the quantity of each material needed to construct your home. This listing does not include amenities such as paint, flooring and appliances. This list is a good tool for obtaining an estimate on building materials from material suppliers.
  • Alternate Foundations- Each plan had a standard foundation. Alternate foundations are those which can be drawn for additional fees.
  • Right Reading Reverse Plans- These are full reverse sets of a particular house plan and are offered for several plans at an additional charge. The writing will be reversed as well. There is no additional charge for a mirror reverse plan in which the writing is also reversed.
  • Reproducible Prints/ CAD Files - These are modifiable prints/files for those of you interested in changing the look of an offered stock plan. Since many designers offer modifications in-house, they may not offer reproducible printsCAD files.
  • Modifications- Many designers offer modifications on their stock house plans and will be happy to make minor changes to an existing plan. Minor modifications usually can be made quickly and economically. If a designer offers this service it will be noted on the plan page.
  • Study Plans- Some of our designers may offer study plans for your review. If a study plan is available it will be noted on the main plan page.